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room assignments

Room Assignments

Here’s where you’ll stay for the duration of your time on the IGS Fantasy Sweet. Each suite shares an adjoining bathroom with its neighbor. Other than that, the accommodations are suitable for a mansion; the beds are large and comfortable, and the closets and desks are large, if entirely empty of anything useful. On one wall is what looks to be some kind of panel. This is the dumbwaiter that will deliver gifts from the Benefactors. The bathrooms are painted in soft colors and come with some basic hygiene products depending on the occupants needs (deodorant, pads and tampons, toothpaste and toothbrushes, ect.). On the outside of the door is a lock that will scan the P.I.P. to grant access. This lock will deactivate when the P.I.P. that it is connected to is no longer active, meaning that the rooms of the dead will be immediately open to exploration whether or not their roommate is still among the living. If their roommate is still alive they may relock the door as they please but if both occupants are dead the door will remain unlocked.


1. Clarith + Lee Wisniewski

2. Mai Kawasumi + Arianna

3. Nari Reno + Queenie Goldstein

4. Angel the Siren + Mary Marvel

5. Yuuri Wasaka + Mikaela

6. Roland + Homare Nishitani

7. Ardyn Izunia + Leonard Church

8. Junpei Tenmyouji + Finn

9. Rhys + Heart

10. Choromatsu Matsuno + Prince Takumi