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First Floor


The garden is full of plants of all types, ranging from typical garden flowers and vegetables to fully-grown trees and shrubs. There's gardening materials hanging along one wall, and all of the walls are made of a thick glass that allows a full view of the starscape outside the mansion. Above, the lights are made to mimic sunlight.


A full-size pool out back. It's on a wooden patio that leads down into a small area with fake grass; it could even look like a real mansion's pool, if not for the stars outside the dome that arches overhead. Next to the main pool, there's a smaller hot tub that can be turned on and off. There's also a small changing area with swimsuits and towels provided, as well as some open showers for rinsing off that chlorine.

If you walk down the patio stairs, you will find a large set of double-doors around one side of it. They're locked, but they look like they'd lead down into a storm cellar or something like that.

Tattoo Parlor

Because we are here to enable poor life decisions of ALL types. This tattoo parlor is meticulously clean and fully stocked with all the equipment and materials you'd need to give someone an excellent tattoo! Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an actual artist in residence. Maybe you can use the catalog of example images to help guide you along?

It can't be that bad, right? Go forth, and have No Regerts!

Rest Area

The floors and room of the Designated Rest Area are soft and mattress-like. There's a variety of pillows and blankets lying around, all in various soft shades of blue. There's not much else in here, but it's perfect for a slumber party!


The mansion's grand foyer. It features a spectacular chandelier above a double staircase leading to what is presumably the second story of the mansion. The doors at the top, however, are locked.

Dining Room

The dining room features a long mahogany table big enough to seat at least twenty, lined with candles. There's also one or two smaller round tables along one wall, if you want to try and have a more intimate meal.


The kitchen is modern and fully stocked with only the fanciest of foods. There are also assorted cookbooks in one of the cabinets, though they all have a certain "romantic dinner for two" theme to them. There's some pretty good dessert recipes in there, at least.

This area will be locked during Night Time, though the dining room is still accessible.


A unisex bathroom with a locking door. It does not contain a shower; you'll have to rely on the in-suite bathrooms for that.


The sleeping quarters provided for the Champions during their stay. Each suite shares an adjoining bathroom with its neighbor. Have fun with that, buckos. Other than that, the accommodations are suitable for a mansion; the beds are large and comfortable, and the closets and desks are large, if entirely empty of anything useful.

Second Floor

First Aid

A first-aid room, fully stocked with anything you might need to treat injuries. There's two tables in the center of the room which patients can rest on, and the cabinets and drawers contain anything from disinfectant and mild painkillers all the way to prescription sleeping aids and heavy-duty painkillers. There's also bandages, of course, and a couple spare sets of crutches in case things get really bad.

Mysteriously, this room also has several IV poles and a refrigerator with neatly labeled bags. Some are saline, some are definitely blood. They are not accompanied with any instructions.

Rest Area

This rest area is much like the one downstairs, save that the blankets and pillows are all various hues of soft pink. Now you can have multiple slumber parties at once!


The second floor's foyer isn't as grand as the one below; it's mostly a landing area for the stairs. There's more leading up, but the doors at the top are locked.


The storage closet is fairly large and lined with boxes on shelves. Some of the items are pretty typical: extra blankets, lightbulbs, an assortment of batteries. Others are a little more questionable. You have never seen such a wide variety of prophylactics in your life. At least the personal lubricant containers here are available in much smaller and subtler sizes...?


We are determined to remember bathrooms.

Bowling Alley

It's a four-lane bowling alley! Pin setup and ball retrieval are entirely automated, and computers at each lane will take the players' names and track their scores. There's also bowling shoes in everyone's sizes provided near the front, but they seem a little suspicious...

Third Floor

Death Orb Zone

The land of the death orbs. The wall of this room are padded, and most of the floor seems to be made of trampolines, which makes this the perfect place to be trapped in a death orb. Beware the nefarious Pit of Foam Cubes in one corner!

Rest Area

This rest area is larger and fancier than the previous two, and contains no pink or blue blankets to give you bad memories! Aside from the usual sheets, blankets, and pillows - all in calming shades of green this time - it's also got a collection of beanbag chairs and a small shelf full of party board games. Yes, including Twister. And Cards Against Humanity.

Karaoke Bar

Combining two of the most popular rooms, this is a bar with karaoke in it! There's alien varieties of alcohol mixed in with the normal stock of a human bar, and the karaoke machine has a wide variety of music pre-loaded. Weirdly, the stage it's sitting on also has several floor-to-ceiling metal poles.

Fourth Floor

Rest Area

This rest area is a little more luxurious than the rest - it's got actual mattresses on the floor! The pillows and blankets are noticeably more soft and plush than the others available in the mansion; this would be a perfect place for a nap! Careful not to do any murders in there, though, because everything is white.

Dance Studio

The terrible, awful dance studio. It's lined with mirrors, plus a bar to hold while practicing dance positions, and the floor is a polished dark hardwood. For some reason, there is a small glass vase sitting in one corner, with a bouquet of red poppies in it. This is in no way triggering to anyone.


Just what you need! This room has everything you need for a good massage and spa treatment. Maybe this will help everyone relax a little? The small room in the back is a bathroom, for the record. It's important to keep hygienic!