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I'm sure this is fine.


Welcome to the Program

Oct. 16th, 2017 12:01 pm
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Good Morning, Champions. In the interest of maintaining healthy sleep patterns, a day/night cycle is in effect. Your presence is expected in the cafeteria in exactly one hour.

[The voice comes through not a large speaker, but through the device that's attached to each Champion's arm. Further investigation of the features of the device will reveal a list of profiles, a mini-map, and a list of rules. The hallways are shiny white and silver, with running lights along the floor and lights on the ceiling, and at the junction of the hallways is a sign with a knife and fork icon and an arrow pointing down the hall.

Welcome to the Excellence Program, Champions. Time to get to know your teammates.]

welcome to round 4!

Oct. 15th, 2017 01:57 pm
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Good evening and welcome to the fourth round (and first season) of Airlocked! Please take advantage of this opportunity to introduce yourself to your fellow players and share contact details. The HTML for creating plurk links is [user name=USERNAME site=plurk.com], with HTML brackets instead of square brackets.

Don't forget (if you haven't already) to do the following:

- Reply to this comment with your character journal.
- Fill out your Champion Profile
- Respond to the taken characters page
- Join [community profile] theairlock and [community profile] wearethechampions, and proceed to introduce yourself.
- Feel free to join the new Airlocked discord chat!

We hope you all have a grand old time with this pre-doomed round of murder and emotional pain!

Hold Your Questions

Oct. 9th, 2017 12:32 am
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[This won’t come as a complete surprise. Yl’lb Ein told everyone yesterday that a press conference had been scheduled, and Jaycee had Spat the same thing at the survivors’ account shortly afterwards. Yl’lb himself is strangely absent when it begins, but he mentioned the channel, and surely one of you can work the remote by now.

The broadcast shows a small room packed wall-to-wall with reporters of various species. The stage at the front of the room is small, just large enough to fit a long table with a microphone sitting in front of the centermost seat. Though the room itself is nondescript, the table’s draped with a cloth showing the InterGal 7 logo.

A human-looking woman in a knee-length sleeveless grey dress, flanked by a pair of hairy, beefy-looking alien bodyguards, steps into frame behind the long table. She’s small, almost delicate, compared to her Chewbacca-like bodyguards even with the several-inch high heels she’s wearing that are visible under the table. The woman takes a seat at the lone chair at the center of the table, her bodyguards standing on their side of her, and finishes the message she’s been rapidly typing on the handheld device she’s been staring at since she came into view. Finally she sets it down on the table and looks out at the crowd of reporters with a wide, dazzling smile.]

Good afternoon. My name is Rox Petuu, and I will be representing InterGal 7 in this press conference. Let’s get started, shall we?

You may recognize me as a former host of the network’s flagship series, Airlocked!. Because of this, as a result of some...professional differences with other previous hosts, the Network has kindly asked me to represent them today. [Her smile fades as her welcoming expression shifts to something more serious for this bit of news.] Unfortunately, due to a recent spate of ruthless pirate attacks on Network-affiliated ships and locations, the executives have been relocated for their own safety and production of a brand new season of Airlocked! has been temporarily suspended pending the apprehension of these raiders.

In the meantime, we understand that this is an inconvenience to you the fans, and so not only will the Network be temporarily making our exclusive bonus content free to all viewers on our brand new InterGal 7 streaming service, but we will also be re-airing the newly remastered Season One of Airlocked!. [She grins brightly but if you’re used to seeing humans smile it looks off. Showing too many teeth and it never quite seems to reach her eyes like an excited grin should.]

For a limited run only, we’re giving you the chance to see where it all began. The drama, the suspense.... And yours truly, of course. [She chuckles a little and lifts a hand to lightly touch her collarbone, showing off a small, smooth black device on her wrist, almost the size and shape of a worry stone. It’s in a different form than the survivors are used to but nonetheless recognizable: a hardlight projector.] And it wouldn’t be reruns of Season One without following it with a marathon of Lovelocked!, the story of two sweethearts who captured the hearts of a galaxy.

But we’d like to reassure our fans, as soon as the matter of these pesky pirates has been sorted out, we’re coming back with the brand new final season of Airlocked! just as soon as we can. I think you’ll love what we have planned.

Thank you. There will be no questions today. Thank you everyone for coming.

[And with a few more dismissive thank yous to the reporters shouting questions, she stands up from her chair and leaves the stage, flanked by her bodyguards.]

Round 0 Revealed!

Oct. 7th, 2017 12:34 pm
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Hello, everyone, and welcome to Round Four! As most of you have probably realized, and as many have theorized, this is Airlocked’s prequel round. Essentially, what this means for you is that the round is doomed.

What does this mean for you? It means that there will be no PC survivors. Everyone is going to die. However, this does not mean that everything is pre-determined. We’ve been purposefully vague about how exactly the first season self-destructed, because we want you all to have fun completely burning this game to the ground. We’ve all wondered what it would actually be like to get a bad end in a murdergame, and we want to give you all the latitude to wreak havoc without negatively affecting your chance at an overall Golden End.

Because of this, Round Four is much less structured than the previous three have been. While we would like to have at least four regular cases so that people can form the bonds that will make the deaths really hurt, we encourage everyone to have a role in determining how this will all ultimately fall apart. And, as always, you will be able to continue playing your characters in Deadland if you so wish!

Given the nature of this round, we understand if some people wish to change or withdraw their reserves. If so, please contact us as soon as possible.