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1) R-E-S-P-E-C-T
Follow the Golden Rule, guys. Treat your fellow players (and mods) the way you want to be treated and all that jazz. Harassment will not be tolerated. If you’re experiencing problems like this please don’t be afraid to come to the mods.

2) Character Cap
20 characters, 2 per canon, 1 per player unless otherwise approved.

3) IC =/= OOC
Remember you are not your character. If someone’s character straight up murders yours or even says something snotty behind their back, don’t take it personally. Keep any OOC drama out of IC interactions.

With that in mind, OOC knowledge =/= IC knowledge. Just because you may know a bit of information about another character's canon doesn’t mean your character does. This goes especially for characters with secret identities or Villain Reveals. Be good to each other, my dudes.

4) Keep Active
Because of the short-term nature of the game we ask that players please be active. We’ll be running a weekly player check-in where we ask you provide two ten-comment threads with two different characters per week.

If you know you won’t be available for more than two days or will not be available for an investigation or trial, please PM the mods and let us know. One time we can find a way to incapacitate your character or write them out for the trial, but if it happens with any frequency we'll be forced to death roll your character in the interest of keeping the game moving.

5) Got a Secret, Can You Keep It?
It’s not mandatory but we suggest you keep your character’s role (murderer, victim, mole, secret can-can dancer) a secret from other players. It adds to the fun.

If major spoilers for your character’s series appear in your threads we ask that you put spoiler warnings in the headers as a courtesy to other players.

7) Conduct
We, the moderators of Airlocked, have a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate conduct. The first time that inappropriate behavior is reported to or observed by the moderator team, the thread in question will be frozen and a warning issued to the player or players in breach of conduct. If the behavior persists, the player will be notified of their removal from the game and their character will be mod-controlled into a “punishment” by the Overseers. Players who are booted from the round for conduct reasons will not be allowed to reserve or apply to any future rounds for Airlocked. We don’t expect this to be an OOC problem, so don’t make it one. Don’t harass each other and, while we can’t police your own plurks or blogs or whatever, keep mod plurks a friendly, clean place. The first half of the password is Cool.

Now, what do we mean by inappropriate conduct? Given the murder-happy nature of the game, we’re obviously not completely against sensitive topics being discussed between characters. As long as the subject is handled with maturity, and properly warned for if necessary, characters can discuss whatever they want. However, inappropriate jokes about sensitive subject matter will not be tolerated. We don’t care how IC it would be. We don’t care how edgy you or your character are. Before you hit send, think to yourself “is it possible that someone in the playerbase has experienced what I’m about to make a joke about?” and if the answer is yes, don’t make a joke about it. This includes (but is not limited to) subjects like rape, incest, pedophilia, abortion/miscarriage, or abuse (emotional/physical/verbal, child, animal, elder, spousal, ANY KIND OF ABUSE). If you want to make a comment that starts with “but what about _____,” assume that whatever it is you’re asking permission for is off-limits as well.

Our first concern is the comfort of our playerbase, and while we encourage players to work out disputes amongst themselves, we also want our players to come to us if they’re having problems with another player’s IC or OOC conduct.

8) Get Your Head in the Game!
We the mods are just a PM or a plurk ping away if any issues arise. And with that remember to have fun!

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