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champion profiles

It is mandatory for profiles to be filled out upon acceptance. All information in profiles is public knowledge to all in-game characters and able to be accessed via the Personal Identification Program (P.I.P.) on each Champion's non-dominant arm.

Kip Larimer
Title Overseer/Bachelor
Age 28
Height 5' 10"
Weight Average
Species Human-passing
Hometown --
Occupation Host
Likes Sweets, the sound of his own voice
Dislikes Meat, beans
Trivias Once took part in a multi-billion person orgy.

Cece Diver
Title Assistant
Age 24
Height 5' 2"
Weight 128 lbs
Species Human-passing
Hometown --
Occupation Assistant/Intern
Likes Chocolate, humans
Dislikes Disorder, mint chocolate chip ice cream
Trivia Unironically enjoys dating SIMs.

original code by [community profile] cawaii

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