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Reserves are currently CLOSED and will open May 6, 2017.

If you're interested in playing someone in our little murder game, leave your information here! Remember though, the character cap is 20 (for both apps and reservations): 2 characters per canon and 1 per player.

- Who can I app?

All canons are accepted. Appable characters must be at least 18 in human years (except under certain circumstances), have human-level sentience, and be able to communicate. Animals who show human-level intelligence and sentience are appable regardless of whether they're shown to be able to communicate with humans (ex. Simba from The Lion King) but animals who do not (Ex. Ein from Cowboy Bebop) are not.

Basically, you can app Goofy but not Pluto.

We do accept OCs. Their apps will be judged with more scrutiny than fandom apps. We are accepting 2 per round, like the rest of the canons.

We also accept customizable protagonists (eg. the Warden, Hawke, or Inquisitor from Dragon Age, the Sole Survivor from Fallout 4, etc.). These apps will be judged with the same scrutiny as OCs from original universes. If there's more than one reserve from a highly choice-driven/branching game, it is the responsibility of the players to communicate with one another about their world states. We don't require that two characters be from the same world state (for instance, Player A can play Dorian from a world state with a male human warrior Inquisitor, and Player B can still bring in Varric from a world state with a female Qunari mage Inquisitor), but don't spring any surprise choices on your cast mate.

- Who can't I app?

While we don't want to police anyone's fun or tell them who they can or can't app, we do have a few hard nos:

Characters based on a real person - This is a bit more of a grey area, but with the prevalence of fun and entertaining "characters" out there nowadays, we feel like we need to make our position clear. Any character that is a fictionalized portrayal of a real person (such as Nostalgia Critic, Saturday Night Live celebrity impersonations, conservative pundit Stephen Colbert, and Rooster Teeth shorts/Ten Little Roosters) is not considered appable to Airlocked. Characters played by the same actors as the fictionalized portrayals, whether animated or live action, are perfectly acceptable.

To use Rooster Teeth as an example: Burnie and Michael from Ten Little Roosters are based on the actors, Burnie Burns and Michael Jones, to the point where little to no backstory is needed in TLR because of the baseline familiarity with Rooster Teeth that's assumed going into it. Even though their personalities are exaggerated for comedic effect, they would not be considered appable because that line is too close to the real people. However, their characters in the movie Lazer Team, despite holding many similarities to the actors' real personalities, would be appable because Hagan and Zach are more solidly removed from Burnie and Michael personally.

Basically, if the celebrity in question would be able to find the game by googling their name they're not appable.

Characters with no physical body - This includes characters like the gems from Steven Universe, the monsters from Undertale, Nobodies from Kingdom Hearts (as Nobodies, anyway. There's nothing stopping you from apping Lea but having his presumed canon point be sometime during the time when he's Axel), and Bruce Willis' character from The Sixth Sense. The reason for this is because if such a character would be a victim, there would be no way to have evidence be on the body itself, and while it's not necessarily impossible to plan an investigation that way it's also hard to golden end a shattered rock or a pile of dust.

Specific Fire Emblem: Fates characters - Because of the promise that Xander extracted from EP during Round 1, Nohrian characters who survive Xander's specific world state (Birthright) cannot be apped to rounds 2 or 3. EP is a nondescript mass of their incredibly specific word, after all. This means that [SPOILERS] characters like Camilla, Leo, and their retainers would have to be from either the Conquest or Revelations routes. Laslow and Peri could be from Birthright, but only if their apps establish that they died protecting their lord in chapter 26.[/SPOILERS] All Hoshidan characters (including Birthright!Corrin) are still appable from all routes at this time.

IMPORTANT: The restrictions on physical bodies and on Fire Emblem characters apply to rounds 2 and 3 only. Round 4, like Round 1, will be fair game.

- My canon is new! Can I still app from it?

That mostly depends, for spoiler reasons. We require that all new original canons be at least two months old by game start before apping from it, and we request that you tag for any major spoilers in your canon. So for instance if this was 2005 and you apped Severus Snape from the end of Half-Blood Prince two months after the book's release, well... you know what spoilers you'd have to tag. ;)

If the canon is a reboot:
There are two main kinds of reboots - retellings/expansions where the core story stays the same (ex. 2017 Beauty and the Beast), and complete reimaginings where the characters and the story may be completely different but the world itself is the same (ex. 2016 Ghostbusters).

If the reboot has the same cast and tells the same story with some relatively minor changes/expansions, and the character that you want to app is also in the original then we only require that the version you're apping from has been widely released (example: someone who got to see an early pre-screening of the 2017 Beauty and the Beast would still have to wait until after the March 17th, 2017 release date to be able to app Emma Watson's Belle, but the 1991 animated version would be perfectly appable). This is simply because with this kind of soft reboot, the changes made don't create new story or character spoilers so much as they just expand on features and details that were missing in the original.

If the reboot tells a different story or features different characters on the same backdrop, then they would be considered a separate original canon for the purpose of spoilers (example: Voltron: Legendary Defenders is so different from 80s Voltron that despite the fact that they're both about five kids piloting robot lions, the season that you would make Hunk's final canon point from would have to be at least two months old at the time of reserves). However, this kind of reboot would be considered as part of the original for the purposes of cast caps (example: we would allow reserves for Abby and Holtzmann or for Venkman and Patty, but not Patty, Holtzmann, and Venkman).

- My character is under 18 but they’ve seen some shit in canon. Are they appable?

Because Round 2 is based on The Bachelor, and the Benefactors aren't trying to run that kind of show, the age limit for this round is a hard 18+. The character's age at their presumed canon point can be no younger than 17. The ONLY exception for this is in the case of characters whose age is not canonically confirmed to be 18+, but who are from canons with darker themes and are confirmed to be/behave as if they're in their "late teens." For example, we would allow Hunk, Allura, Lance, or Keith from Voltron: Legendary Defenders because they're all canonically "late teens" and Voltron gets pretty dark, but Pidge, who is much younger than the others, is not appable to this round despite having gone through the same overall experiences as the other paladins.

If you have a question about appability please don't be afraid to shoot us a PM or plurk ping one of the mods at [ profile] frickninja, [ profile] resplendentri, or [ profile] lluosogrwydd!

Character name:

Reserves are mandatory for apping. We will be capping the reserves at 20.

Reserves are screened.
Proxy reserves are allowed. The mods will reply to every proxy reserve with an unscreened timestamp, and the player has 24 hours to confirm their reserve.
Make sure to post your reserve with the same account that you post your app with. This does not have to be the character's journal necessarily, but if the journals don't match the mods will reject your application and make you post it again.
Each player may only submit maximum 2 reserves (for yourself and one other person).
If you're putting in a proxy reserve but not intending to participate yourself, you can only put in one reserve.
If you’re making multiple reserves they must be separate comments.

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