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Applications are currently CLOSED

To apply, please fill out this form and submit it in the comments:



Age: [Players must be at least 15]


Reserve link: [Reserves are mandatory.]

Password: [The two halves of the password can be found in the Rules and FAQ.]

OOC contact: [Plurk and AIM are preferred but Discord and e-mail are also acceptable. Please try to include some kind of chat option if you don’t have a plurk so we can contact you for plot things.]


Name + Username: [Your character's name and the username you intend to play them with. If you have an icon mule/alternate outfit/persona account, declare that account name here as well if you want to use it at some point in the round.

Age: [Characters must be at minimum 18 in human years at their true canon point. In the case of canons with exceptionally heavy elements, we will allow a character's presumed canon point (the canon point that they wake up initially thinking that they're at) to be no lower than 17.]

Canon point: [Because of the memory loss aspect of this game, we’re asking that you pick 2 canon points, the point your character thinks they’re from and and the point that they’re actually from.]

History: [Wiki links welcome. If you don't feel the wiki has sufficient information or doesn't exist, just write up a brief synopsis for your character's history. It doesn't have to be long, just give us a general idea of what they've been through.]

Memories: [Pick at least 5-6 memories from between your character’s presumed canon point and their actual canon point. The night after each successful trial, surviving characters will be rewarded with 1 of their memories as they sleep. These memories can be as mundane or as plot-relevant to your character as you like.]

Regains: [Please list 5-10 items belonging to or associated with your character, along with a brief (think: Twitter-length) description of each one as you want it to be described on the Benefactors Page. Any item that doesn't include a description will not be distributed by the Benefactors. Note: All characters will wake up in the Champion's unitard and be provided one extra in their closet. Any spare outfit or clothes from home (including accessories and jewelry, but not including medical aids like glasses or soul gems, which would be allowed to stay on the person) must be listed as a regain. Weapons and pets are non-regainable, but plastic replicas and stuffed animal versions of weapons and pets are allowed (animal companions such as Pokémon may be judged on a case by case basis, but due to the limited space in, well, space, it is unlikely that a full team will be allowed).]

Character Underwear: [Exactly what it says on the tin. Describe your character's drawers in loving detail.]

Strengths & weaknesses: [This is the important part. We want you to make this as detailed as you would a personality section on any other app.]

Skills & abilities: [Upon acceptance characters will be assigned a Champion's Title. This means the one thing that makes your character stand head and shoulders above all others in their canon. Think of it this way: if your character was selected specifically out of everyone in their canon, what would it be that made them memorable enough to notice? This does not have to be a focal point of the source material, as long as it is a distinct and noticeable trait.

Examples: Sebastian Michaelis could be the Champion Butler, because it is a skill that is demonstrated and repeatedly stated in Kuroshitsuji.

Legolas could be the Champion Marksman, because his skill with the bow and arrow is pretty OP, but even if he is the only elf in the game he could not be the Champion Elf because that isn't what makes him stand out in canon.

Characters whose predominant trait is associated with a particular location will be given the title of "Champion of [location]." For instance, Matt Murdock would be the Champion of Hell's Kitchen, while Dragon Age 2's Hawke would be Champion of Hell Kirkwall.

Title sharing will be allowed, but only with different rounds. For instance, if Dr. Frankenstein is in Round 1 as the Champion Bodybuilder, then Dr. Frank N Furter could share that same title in Round 2. However, if they're both in Round 1 Frankenstein would be the Champion Creator and Frank N Furter the Champion Bodybuilder because they cannot share a title in the same round.

We encourage you to come up with your own titles if you have ideas and use this section to justify them to us. More questions? Please review the Appability section of the FAQ.]

Motives: [What are some things that are important to your character? What would motivate them to kill? People/material goods/power/secrets, anything. This is so we can tailor the weekly motives to things characters would possibly commit murder over.

Round 1 will be slightly different, due to the Overseers' plans for the motives, so while there will still be incentives to kill they won't be as big of a focus as in other games.]

Third Person Sample: [Show us how your character would interact with the setting. This can be them plotting a hypothetical murder, being the victim of a hypothetical murder or just exploring. The choice is yours.

Plot Involvement

Would you be okay with your character being a mole?: [The Mastermind reserves the right to employ a mole through sinister means to perform their dirty work if the killing game becomes too boring.

If you want your character to work for the Mastermind, but your character wouldn’t be so excited about it, please use this section to give us some recruitment ideas. This doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be picked to be the mole, but it helps the mods in the event that we choose to employ one.]

Any questions should be PMed to this account or contact [ profile] slothbless, [ profile] ResplendentRi, and/or [ profile] lluosogrwydd.

Please no linking apps in journals. Apps will be screened to keep motives and other things secret from other players.

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