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First Floor

Room Assignments

Showers (SF & SM) - At the end of the right side of the hallway (coming from the cafeteria hallway) are the females' showers. The males' showers are at the end of the left side of the hallway. Don't worry, your P.I.P.s are waterproof. In order to conserve water, the showers shut off during Night Time, although the rooms remain accessible.

Kitchen (K) - Separated from the rest of the cafeteria by a door, the kitchen is stocked to the brim with everything you might imagine a kitchen to have. Except fresh food. At the moment the only food available is MREs and freeze-dried space food. At least there's a wide variety of meals to choose from? For security reasons, this area is off-limits during Night Time, although the teleporter and the cafeteria remain accessible.

Cafeteria (C) - The main area for eating, there are twenty chairs arranged in groups of five around four round tables. Hot meals are served three times a day - 7 am immediately after the morning announcement, 12 pm for lunch, and 6 pm for dinner. Anything uneaten is cleaned up and disposed of after one hour, but anything packed up and put into the fridge will be safe for later.

There is an espresso bar along the far wall of the room, complete with a set of 20 matching mugs and saucers, a large espresso machine with a steaming wand, a minifridge stocked with milk (both dairy and non), a french press, and a wide variety of flavored syrups from vanilla and chocolate to root beer and bacon.

Teleporter (T) - A large raised platform in the middle of the cafeteria. Up to nine people can stand on the teleporter at one time. A Champion can teleport to any floor by selecting that floor's mini-map on their P.I.P. while standing on the teleporter.

Art Room (A) - A room for all your art needs including sketchbooks, drawing supplies, paint, and a pottery wheel. Contains enough easels and canvas to hold a painting class. Jamie's office hours will be held in this room for approximately four hours after lunch time several days a week. During that time, the room will be off-limits unless you're there to talk to Jamie.

Library (L) - A surprisingly expansive library. Unsurprisingly, the Fiction section is filled with mostly science fiction and thrillers, though there's at least a small section for any genre you're looking for. The non-fiction section is filled with technical guides about spaceship repair and the mechanics of faster-than-light travel. There are also guides about growing food in space and about how to prepare space food. In the back of the library are four small, soundproofed conference rooms that each have a white board, four basic colors of marker (black, blue, red, green), and five incredibly comfy chairs arranged around a table. The windows to the rest of the library have blinds that can be drawn from the inside, and there is a light on the door that indicates whether it is locked.

The study rooms can be locked from the inside by accessing the lock with a P.I.P.. As a safety measure, the door will unlock automatically after three consecutive hours with the same user, and cannot be re-locked by that Champion for two hours. Bolton's office hours will be held in conference room B for approximately four hours in the morning several days a week. During that time the blinds will be drawn and that room will be off-limits unless you're there to talk to Bolton, though the other three study rooms will still be available for use.

Media Room (M) - Twenty theater-style seats are arranged in front of a large projector screen. There's an old-school popcorn maker in the corner. Predictably, the movies available are mostly Science Fiction.

Game Room (G) - There are five square collapsible tables with four chairs at each, though these tables can be pushed together for larger games. The shelves are lined with everything from tabletop RPG manuals to decks of specialty cards for specific games, to even a few classic decks of cards as well.

Unknown (U) - A locked room.

Second Floor

Gym (G) - A large gymnasium. There's a full basketball court, plus nets that can be set up across the half-court to play tennis or badminton. There's also plenty of gymnastics mats stacked along the edges of the room.

Zero-Gravity Room (Z-G) - A large room with ladders along the ceiling and walls, and a control panel set into the wall. You can press a button to turn off the gravity and float your way through the room. Other than the ladders, there is no furniture in the room for the Champions' safety. There is a large sign on the door with a picture of a crossed out hamburger and a crossed out cup with a straw, signifying no food or drink allowed in the zero gravity room.

Trash Compactor (T) - A large room with a button on the outside and a light over the door. Just take your trash, put it inside, and then leave the room and press the button next to the door. A window in the door looks inside the room, where the Champions can watch as the walls slowly close in, flattening the trash into a much more manageable shape. Once the button outside the door has been turned on and the red light over the door is lit, the door can only be opened from the outside, which will pause the compacting process until the door is closed again and the button re-pressed.

Diner (D) - An all-chrome and pastel classic 1950s America-looking diner called the Solar Grille. Simply order with the push of a button and within minutes your meal will be delivered to your table via the cutesy toy rocketships that run all over the diner on tracks. There's a jukebox in the corner that plays a downright anachronistic amount of music - anyone from a time with recorded music and widely-known artists will be able to find an album they recognize (and yes, it has Tom Jones).

The menu includes everything you expect from a greasy spoon - from hot coffee and down-home biscuits and gravy for breakfast to every imaginable flavor of milkshake and the most delicious, greasy burger and fries you can dream of for dinner. There are several flavors of pie available, served a la mode or by itself. Make sure you check out the cherry pie - it's damn fine.

Music Room (M) - A smaller room fitted with excellent acoustics. There's at least one of almost every classical instrument here, from strings to brass, woodwind to percussion - but the only instrument that there seems to have been enough of for everyone to have their own are the 17 recorders lined up on one of the tables.

Third Floor

Greenhouse (G) - A large, entirely self-sufficient, hydroponic greenhouse. It contains everything from herbs to fruit trees, and every vegetable in between. It doesn't grow that kind of herb, though. There's also a coop full of (galaxy-patterned) pigeons here. Enjoy the steady supply of fresh space pigeon eggs!

Holodeck (H) - A room that fulfills your deepest desire. You can explore anywhere that you can think of, even places you've never been*. It's a shame that nothing in this room is really real. When the room isn't active, it looks like a room with high ceilings lined with a glowing grid pattern.

*Physics may not accurately reflect the physics of places you've never been. Exercise caution when using this to decide future vacation spots.

Arcade (A) - An arcade with tons of old school games. It has a pinball machine, several fighting games, a zombie shooting game, three competitive racing games (one with cars, one with motorcycles where you use your whole body to steer, and one with jetskis), an air hockey table, and a photobooth! Get a strip of pictures to commemorate your friendships (and more)!

Cat Cafe (C) - A cat cafe with ramps going up from the floors onto the tables and along the walls. Except all the cats are small floor-cleaning robots with cat ears taped onto them. There are about ten "cats" in this room. There is an electronic menu at each table with a selection of sodas, boba teas, and fancy prepackaged snacks. Press a button and one of the cats will deliver your selection and then stay for pets. There are posters on the walls with images of the menu items, but if they're advertisements they aren't in a language that's covered by the translators.

Sewing Room (S) - A room with several large tables, six sewing machines, and walls lined with bolts of every kind of fabric imaginable. There are buttons, needles, thread, everything you need to make it work.

Fourth Floor

Fourth Floor

Dodgeball Room (D) - A room that looks almost like a squash court. Upon stepping into the room, anyone with superhuman strength or powers will find the PIP on their arm feels heavier as their powers equalize to their less-superpowered fellow Champions. There's a basket of dodgeballs in the corner of the room. Just in case anyone wants a rematch.

Storage Room (S) - A small storage room. It contains a few first aid kits and the general kind of snacking options that you'd find on a commercial airline (Pretzels, granola bars, your normal "takes forever to perish"ables).

Incinerator (I) - Burn, baby, burn. It looks like the mouth of the incinerator is approximately large enough to hold a human body. As a safety feature, the flames won't ignite unless the door is shut and sealed. But there's a window on the front of the incinerator so you can watch your trash turn to ash.

Bar (B) - Eight people have died so you could get your drink on. There's a piano in the corner and a small stage with a Karaoke machine. The bar has stocked several different beers on tap and in bottles, wine, and liquor. No matter what world you're from you'll find some vintage or brand you recognize on the shelves.

Pool (P) - An Olympic-sized swimming pool, except the edges are rounded into a large oval. The depth goes from three feet at the edges to six feet in the middle. There are innertubes and floatation devices hanging on the walls, and deck chairs along the side of the pool. On the other side of the pool are racks filled with ice skates and hockey equipment, next to a button. Pressing the button will cause the temperature in the room to drop significantly, as impossibly cold air freezes the surface of the pool into an ice skating rink. The surface of the pool is covered with a layer of ice instantaneously, but it takes approximately 30 minutes for the ice to thicken enough to be safe for skating, at which point a light on the console will turn green to indicate that the ice is at an appropriate thickness. After ice rink mode is disabled, there is a warmup period of approximately one hour before the pool is completely safe to swim in again.

Dance Studio (DS) - A large dance studio. One end of the room is outfitted with a barre and several mirrors to create a practice space. The other end of the room is covered by a slightly-raised parquet floor, with an ornate chandelier hanging overhead. There is a CD player set up for the Champions' musical needs in the studio but the only CDs available are a disk full of classical music and the Space Jam soundtrack.

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