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personal identification program (p.i.p.) [ic rules]

Upon waking in their new room, all Champions will find their Personal Identification Program fused to their non-dominant arm. All attempts to remove it will result in horrific pain and a mild electric shock. Once the P.I.P. is turned on, it will activate and the Champion's name will be displayed. From this screen (by turning the dial on the side), the rules and profiles of the other Champions can be accessed.

Rule No. 1
The Champions will live a communal lifestyle with no time limit within the walls of the space station.

Rule No. 2
In order to maintain a healthy sleep schedule, a Day/Night cycle will be enforced. The hours between 10pm and 7am are designated as "Night Time." During Night Time there are places that are forbidden to enter, so please exercise caution.

Rule No. 3
Sleeping is only permitted in the personal rooms prepared for you in the dormitory area. Anyone intentionally falling asleep elsewhere will be punished. Anyone unintentionally falling asleep elsewhere will be rudely awakened.

Rule No. 4
You may investigate as you please. There are no restrictions on your actions.

Rule No. 5
Because the program monitors the vital signs and overall health of its wearer, it is against the rules to deactivate or tamper with your own or another Champion's P.I.P.

Rule No. 6
Violence against the Overseers is highly discouraged, and will result in appropriate retaliation up to and including an official punishment. Destruction of the security cameras is forbidden.

Rule No. 6-A
Proper maintenance of the life-support systems and other functions of this space station is necessary to ensure the continued comfort of the Champions. As a result, any Champion caught tampering with, obscuring, damaging, or otherwise trying to "improve" or "modify" any surveillance camera, door, lock, wall, floor, ceiling, computer, air vent, or other structure or machinery will be subject to punishment by the Overseers.

Rule No. 7
A "culprit" who murders a fellow Champion will be allowed to leave the space station and return home, provided that they escape detection by their peers.

Rule No. 8
No one culprit may claim more than two (2) victims.

Rule No. 9
Additional rules may be added by the Overseers at any time.

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