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the benefactors


- Who are the Benefactors?

The Benefactors are mysterious forces beyond the Overseers' ken who alone hold the key to the Hold. ICly, characters will at times find seemingly random gifts in their rooms via the space dumbwaiters that can be found in every personal room. These gifts will correspond to the OOC submission of qualifying threads on this post, and can be anything from a nutritionally-balanced snack to a glitter cannon.

- What is considered a qualifying thread?

A qualifying thread is any 20 comment (10 comments per person) thread between two player characters (that is, not mod-controlled characters like the Overseers) that occurs. Threads that take place during an Investigation, a Trial, or a Motive announcement are NOT ELIGIBLE for regains. The reason for this is that Motives, Investigations, and Trials are considered to be the game's plot moments, and have their own activity requirements.

- What kind of stuff do the Benefactors keep in the Hold, anyway?

Simply put, the Hold is the storage facility for the entire space station. Every item for the emotional fulfillment of the Champions is stored here, and when the Benefactors decide to dole something out the recipients will receive an item of random and indeterminate value! Some of them might be familiar, some of them might not.

- So I'm confused. How will you determine who gets what?

Basically, the mod team will use Random Number Generator to generate two numbers. The first, between 1 and 5, determines which category of items to choose from. The second, between 1 and however many items are in that category, will determine which of the items in that set comes out of the machine.

- But wait, in other game you could submit multiple threads together to get better chances of not getting a repeat item.

The Benefactors work a little differently than the regain system from other games. As a result, there will be no multiple-submissions, and no limit on how many threads can be submitted at once. All we ask is that you exercise common sense and be patient with us if we're a little slower getting through a many-thread drop.

- Do the threads I use have to be from that week?

Eligible threads don't expire, so for example even though the Benefactors won't begin distributing items until 2/20, you can still use week 1 and intro log threads (however, intro posts for NPCs still count as "cutscenes" and can't be used for regains) after that.

- Do I still have to save threads in case I get death rolled?

Yes. For Airlocked, we're sticking with the one-time opt-out rule. If you get rolled for case 2 onward, you have to either submit or already have submitted one thread and not received a prize. That thread will receive a randomly-chosen item as usual. If you can't supply a fresh thread when you're deathrolled, then you can't use your opt-out.

- When do mods distribute items? When can we plan on ICly getting them?

OOCly, the mods will process threads on Monday and Thursday. ICly, the Benefactors will distribute items twice weekly, on Wednesday and Sunday. All threads processed on Monday will receive items ICly on Wednesday, and the same for Thursday and Sunday. This means if you turn in three threads on Sunday, your character will receive three items on Wednesday. The first day that threads will be processed for items will be Monday, February 20th. The last day will be Monday, March 27th.

- My threadmate already turned in our thread, do I need to turn it in as well to get that sweet, sweet loot?

Yes you do.

- Can I use a thread that I already submitted for AC?

No. Because submitting the minimum AC gets one free item anyway, we want to encourage players to tag out as much as possible.

- How do threads with more than two people work?

In order to be able to redeem a thread, your character has to have contributed the minimum 10 comments for a standard thread. For instance, in order for all parties to be able to submit it, a 3-person thread has to be 30+ comments with at least 10 from each person, a 4-person has to be 40+, etc. Any participant with at least 10 comments can submit it for coin so long as the thread is at least 20 comments total.

- The character I was threading with is now dead. :( Can I still get free stuff?

Backtagged threads that reach 20 comments after the death of one of the characters can still be redeemed by the surviving party for a coin. The deceased gets bupkis, sorry. If you're slated to die and you want to get your loot while you're still alive, make sure your coins are submitted by the Monday of your die week. Otherwise, your loot will remain in the dumbwaiter in your room starting that Sunday, until someone raids your room.

When you have a thread long enough to be redeemed, comment below with a link to the thread. Please include the name of the other character in the link. The mods will respond with sweet loot accordingly.

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