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room assignments

Room Assignments

Here’s where you’ll stay for the duration of your time in the Space Station. Each room contains a double bed, a trunk for any belongings that you acquire, and an en-suite half-bath (really more like a closet with a toilet and a sink with a mirror). The key to your trunk hangs from a chain on the hook by your door. On one wall is what looks to be some kind of panel. This is the dumbwaiter that will deliver gifts from the Benefactors. The rooms aren’t particularly large, but this is a space station - utility over comfort is the rule. At least the beds are comfortable and decently-sized. On the outside of the solid sliding door is a lock that will scan the P.I.P. to grant access. This lock will deactivate when the P.I.P. that it is connected to is no longer active, meaning that the rooms of the dead will be immediately open to exploration.

At each end of the hallway is a communal shower with ten metal shower stalls in each. The showers to the right (coming from the cafeteria/hallway) are only accessible by the P.I.P.s of female Champions, while the showers to the left are only accessible by the P.I.P.s of male Champions. There is a slight lag before the doors lock again.


1. Yurika Misumaru

2. Rukia Kuchiki

3. Sadie Swenson

4. Angelica Ainsworth

5. Chitanda Eru

6. Jane Crocker

7. Kurumi Ebisuzawa

8. Lightning

9. Natsuhi Ushiromiya

10. Frederica Irving

11. Thomasin

12. Shadow Hedgehog

13. The Griffin

14. Seth Twiright

15. Byakuya Togami

16. Toby

17. Prince Xander of Nohr

18. Margulis

19. McBurn

20. The Doctor

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