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mock trial reserves

Reserves are currently CLOSED. Info post here.

If you're interested in playing someone in our little mock trial, leave your information here! Remember though, the character cap is 20: 2 characters per canon and 1 per player.

Certain canon AUs are allowed and count as separate from main canon in some cases. The general rule is: if the canon AU is the same character changed by an altered timeline/universe/circumstance, it doesn't count; but if the AU is a different character in a universe/circumstance the same or similar to the original, it's probably fair game. For example, Axis Powers Hetalia and Axis Powers Nyotalia would count as separate canons and therefore 3 characters from each are allowed but Marvel Comics vs MCU vs Animated would count as one canon under the umbrella of Marvel. Let's be honest, the world cannot handle three Tony Starks in one place.

If you have a question about appability please don't be afraid to shoot us a PM or plurk ping one of the mods at [ profile] frickninja or [ profile] resplendentri!

Character name:
Champion Title Suggestion:

Reserves are mandatory for playing in the mock trial. We will be capping the reserves at 20.

- Proxy reserves are allowed. The mods will reply to every proxy reserve with a timestamp, and the player has 24 hours to confirm their reserve.
- Each player may only submit maximum 2 reserves (for yourself and one other person).
- If you're putting in a proxy reserve but not intending to participate yourself, you can only put in one reserve.
- If you’re making multiple reserves they must be separate comments.
- If you reserve with an account that's NOT with the same journal you're playing with, it's your responsibility to comment to your reserve with the correct journal within 24 hours. DO NOT DELETE YOUR RESERVE AFTER IT'S POSTED.

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