first trial

May. 27th, 2017 11:33 am
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[With the announcement and evidence, the doors in the pool area are the next destination for anyone who doesn't particularly want to see what a punishment from PAL would look like. Kip, for once not acting like a complete coward, takes the lead and opens the doors. The patio is a large, round room with high walls and a domed ceiling, but the biggest feature of the room is the a circle of podiums that takes up most of the floor space.

The room itself is decked in the same almost gaudy golds and reds as the rest of the mansion, with walls high enough that it's impossible to see inside the trial room from the promenade that encircles the whole mansion. The domed ceiling provides an unhindered view of the stars overhead. As for the podiums themselves, they're the same sort of garish gold with a digital screen facing toward the center of the circle, and a large, currently dimmed rose silhouette facing the center beneath the screen. The screens each have a name and title associated with a Champion written in green block letters, all save for Mikaela, the Champion of the Millennium Tree Forest. Hers are a striking red and, floating above her podium, is a greyscale portrait framed in some kind of bold, gilt-looking frame. She smiles out at the group, her eyes gentle and kind even with the noticeable lack of color.

With Cece staying behind to take care of the body, Kip is left to cross the room by himself, stepping onto a platform that rises up just high enough to be out of reach and back far enough toward a far wall to have a full view of the court room. For a brief moment, Kip is obscured by a dome of glass that closes over him, but when the dome lifts it's clear that the only thing obscured was a quick change, taking him out of what was clearly his pajamas and dressing him in a sharp, mournful black suit. He's recovered from looking slightly green, but his body language and expression remain quite somber nonetheless.]

Welcome, Champions, to the Rose Ceremony. This is the trial stage, where the goal is to find the true culprit and...

[PAL almost sighs in disappointment.]

Well, Kipsqueak already spoiled the stakes for you. Find the culprit and they'll be eliminated, vote incorrectly and they'll be allowed to go home at the expense of the rest of your lives.

Oh, and don't bore me. I cannot stand being bored.

The First Victim

May. 26th, 2017 12:51 pm
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[It's been three days since PAL's hostile takeover of the mansion, but despite some mysterious happenings, it seems as if the Champions have been growing closer to one another than ever. But on Friday morning, there's an odd feeling in the air.


check in #1

May. 21st, 2017 09:16 pm
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It's that time, everyone! Weekly check-in!

Living characters must submit two ten-comment threads with two different characters per week. Dead characters need only comment to check-in as a formality. Threads must be from week 1.

Check-in will close at 12 pm EST on Friday (5/26).

As a reminder we will also be awarding incentives as a reward for checking in on time! Submitting the minimum amount of comments for both threads (20 comments total) characters will receive one free item from the Benefactors. This is essentially the same as a free roll for the Benefactors' Hold. For another 30 comments (50 total), characters will receive a Sabotage/Boon from the Overseers. If you're a total all-star and turn in two threads that total 100 comments (or 50 from your character) in one week, you get a one-time Shield Token. This means if the Overseers approach your character with a Sabotage, you can spend the shield token to bounce that sabotage back on the character who targeted yours. Each character cannot hold more than one Shield Token at a time, and they cannot earn more than two Shield Tokens over the course of the game. The mods will reply to your AC with what rewards you have earned.

AC threads may come from the weekly mingle log or any player-posted logs from the check period, but since the trials have their own activity requirements they are ineligible for the activity check. When submitting your comments please add the number of total comments in the threads at the time of submission as this makes it quicker and easier for the mods to calculate if a Boon or Sabotage has been earned. On that note, remember that in order to earn a Boon or Sabotage you must have your AC in by 5 pm EST on the Tuesday of that week.

Failure to meet AC without informing the mods will result in a strike. Two weeks in a row will result in an automatic death roll. AC will go up on Sundays for the previous Sunday-Friday, and will close at 12:00 pm (EST) on the following Friday. Activity checks will be screened, to preserve some sense of secrecy for the distribution of Boons and Sabotages.

Week 2

May. 21st, 2017 12:50 pm
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[Other than the reappearance of the Overseer, there's no real change in the routine. PAL still makes the morning and night time announcements through the PIP on each Champion's arm, and still the Champion unitards are freshly laundered and re-hung each morning in their closets.

No other floors unlock, but Cece and Kip will still be appearing randomly to chit-chat.

All you know is... something has to change soon.]

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

[ooc: Don't forget to to turn in your AC for week 1 and submit your threads for the Benefactors!]


May. 16th, 2017 11:44 am
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Okay, maybe "party" is a strong word.

But hey, there's a new season of Airlocked! on space TV, open for everyone to see! Including the crew of the Temerity. Here's where you can thread out your characters from previous rounds reacting to the events of this one. Break out the popcorn and/or the tissues, because it's gonna be a long season for all of you.

week 1

May. 16th, 2017 10:11 am
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Week 1

[With the introduction to the relationship experiment and their overseeing hosts done with, the Champions are left to their own devices to explore the first floor of the mansion as they please. Cece and Kip will pop-up every once in a while to chit-chat but for the most part they're somewhere inaccessible.

Each morning the Champions are awakened promptly at 7 am by PAL's even, almost laid back voice announcing the time and each evening at 10 pm to announce when the kitchen is closing for the night. Unlike the Overseers, he doesn't seem to be one much for conversation.

Enjoy your week, Champions.]

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

[ooc: welcome to week 1, everyone! This first week is a peace week which means there will be no murder this weekend! Feel free to start submitting threads for the benefactors]

welcome to the mansion

May. 14th, 2017 11:33 pm
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[The Champions wake up not in a bed, but alone on a plush, velvet seat. Some may recognize the backseat of a limousine, while some may not, but the windows are tinted black inside and out, and there's no chauffeur. All are wearing expensive formalwear, no matter what they thought they were wearing before.

The door opens by an unseen hand and reveals a gravel drive with a red carpet and a lavish fountain. Others are already there, and more limousines continue to pull up afterward. The front doors are locked, and overhead curls a large protective glass dome, keeping the cold void of space at bay, but hey, there's also an unparalleled view of the stars.]

Hey there, Champions, welcome to the IGS Fantasy Sweet. I'm PAL, your onboard maintenance system for this location. Your Overseer will arrive shortly. Please be patient.

Round 2 OOC Intro!

May. 14th, 2017 09:38 pm
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Good evening and welcome to the second round of Airlocked! Please take advantage of this opportunity to introduce yourself to your fellow players and share contact details. The HTML for creating plurk links is [user name=USERNAME], with HTML brackets instead of square brackets.

Don't forget (if you haven't already) to do the following:

- Reply to your acceptance comment with your character journal.
- Fill out your Champion Profile
- Respond to the taken characters page
- Join [community profile] theairlock, this community [community profile] wearethechampions and, if you're so inclined, the meme comm [community profile] livestudioaudience!