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Individual Achievements
These achievements can be earned once by each individual character. These achievements have their own page on the PIP, although only the names of the achievements are available.

Like Clockwork - Submit Activity Check on time on time every week (awarded upon death for case participants)

Justice is Served - Survive all cases OR participate in a case

The Droids You're Searching For - Explore the Space Station

Drink to Forget - Host a post-trial gathering

Bloodlust - Volunteer for a case

Teacher's Pet - Receive three Boons/Sabotages from the Overseers

Busy Bee - Receive 50 gifts from the Benefactors

We Are Friends, Friends Love Each Other - Maintain a CR chart until death or the final investigation.

??? - ???

Plot Completion Achievements
These achievements are earned once per round when certain events are triggered. These achievements are not visible on the PIPs at this time.

Round 1

The Beginning - Meet the Overseers

Not So Untouchable - Investigate the death of Bolton White

Wake Up - Escape the Space Station

Round 2

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